Panasonic NV -GS320

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NV -GS320

This Panasonic is a comfortingly small camera

* 3CCD Camera System
* MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer
* Lensa Leica Dicomar
* 2.7� Wide LCD
* Crystal Engine

* Features
* Specifications


Even though high-def, DVD and hard drive all stand at the vanguard of a new digital movie-making age, there remains something comforting about the mini DV tape format. And one can imagine that this easy-going, contented relationship is likely to ensure that the 'old fashioned' tape media will be going strong for a few years yet.

What's remarkable about the shift in emphasis away from tape, towards disc and hard-drive recording technology, is that it means the arrival of a new mini DV camcorder doesn't have anything like the same impact on news pages that it did two or three years ago. But by looking away you'll miss the fantastic bargains that are now arriving in mini DV ranges from virtually all the leading manufacturers.

The Panasonic NV-GS320 has some simply outstanding qualities: it's a three CCD model, (a benchmark of high image quality), it features a lens from the respected Leica Dicomar company and it's capable of producing three-megapixel still images. This comes on top of a desire to make the camcorder easy to use and incredibly affordable considering its impressive specification sheet.

There are no elaborate disc housings, nothing particularly 'funky' and certainly no sign of ground- breaking design yet, underneath its lack of style, the NV-GS320 still succeeds in being an intelligently put together camcorder.

There's a top-loading tape compartment to allow you to swap tapes over easily, even when the camcorder's on a tripod, a nicely resistant zoom lever provides enough control to makes it easy to create fast (crash) and precision zooms, and there's an overall feeling of uncluttered design and ease of use.

Menu navigation is straightforward; press the menu button at the back of the GS320 and then use the joystick controller to its right to select or deactivate features. We particularly like the fact the menu is divided into four simple categories, basic, advanced, setup and language, so you don't end up with your head stuck in a confusing maze of different screens.
Not so compact

It's worth bearing in mind that the GS320 is not as small as some of the mini DV camcorders on the market; it's dimensions certainly mean it fails our coat pocket test (well, we did manage to put it in an overcoat pocket, but it looked like we were trying to smuggle a carton of orange juice out of the supermarket).

The extra size is nothing major to complain about though, and it does mean that the external controls on the GS320 get to be sensibly located, and therefore beneficial to the user. There's simply nothing on the left flank of the camcorder - not even anything hiding behind the 2.7in widescreen LCD. This is definitely a refreshing design moment as it means you don't have to constantly have the screen open to use the camcorder, a factor that usually causes a massive drain on battery power.

Experience has perhaps led to one change with regard to the GS320's sockets and battery options. While the AV out socket is located under a plastic cover near the front of the camcorder, the DV (FireWire) output, USB terminal and DC-in point are all on the back of the cam - behind the battery.

This means that in order to use these terminals you have to run the GS320 on mains power - you can't hook up with the battery in place. It's certainly a step that means you won't ever run out of juice when transferring video or stills from the camcorder.

Sub navigation of Feature

* 3CCD Camera System: Triple-Warna, Detail dan gradasi yang menakjubkan.
* O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer): Fungsi yang Anda butuhkan untuk menghindari Blur pada High-Power Zoom Shot

* Lensa Leica Dicomar : Kualitas Gambar Bersetifikasi Leica
* Crystal Engine: Proses gambar dengan perfoma tinggi

3CCD Camera System: Triple-Warna, Detail dan gradasi yang menakjubkan.

Hampir seluruh kamera broadcasting profesional sering menggunakan kamera 3CCD. Dengan sistem 3CCD anda akan mendapatkan hasil gambar yang indah, warna yang hidup, berdetil sempurna dan kaya akan gradasi.

O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer): Fungsi yang Anda butuhkan untuk menghindari Blur pada High-Power Zoom Shot

O.I.S Pansonic begitu efektif bila tangan Anda sering bergetar saat mengambil foto.Apalagi ketika melakukan fungsi zoom dan dalam cahaya yang remang-remang. tidak ada degradasi Kualitas gambar karena merupakan sistem optikal.

Lensa Leica Dicomar : Kualitas Gambar Bersetifikasi Leica

DVD dam memiliki lensa jenis Leica Dicomar. Dirancang khusus untuk kamera video digital dan memiliki teknologi optikal yang orisinil dari Lensa. Lensa canggih ini menghasilkan gambar yang bersiih, tajam, dan nuangsa menakjubkan dengan detil dan kontras yang sempurna. Lensa ini diproduksi dengan menggunakan proses multi-coating untuk mengatasi cahaya menyilaukan (flere & ghosts).

Crystal Engine: Proses gambar dengan perfoma tinggi

Crystal Engine adalah sirkuit khusus yang memproses gambar untuk kamera 3CCD. Proses sinyal R, G, dan B dilakukan dari ketiga CCD secar terpisah. Sehingga gambar gerak maupun foto yang diambil terjaga kualitasnya.

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